I work with a mixed media palette of watercolor, prismacolor, ink and metallic pigments. I love to synthesize ancient/future ideas, those from studied myth and imaginary future models of perception.  I am inspired to create expressions of a healing nature where my memories and intuition intermingle, where symbolic linguistics are felt as visual representation, where I can dream.

The main body of my work has concentrated on images of the sacred feminine through the interpretation of Goddess archetypes and myths which began while  painting the sacred dakini, DorgePagMo  at Naropa.

I was fortunate to study Tibetan Thangka Painting with the master Tikse drawing and Thangka painter Glen Eddy and master colorist Terris Temple at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado under the aegis of  Kyabje Chogyam Trungpa.

My early professors at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts were the painters: Conger Metcalf and Murray Reich who inspired artistic dedication.

After University I lived in Europe and the Near East for several years.

My first teacher in Italy, was the Australian artist, Vali Myers who exhibited the possibilities of wild nature and magical realism influences in art.

As a young artist I first exhibited in California, in the 1980’s with the San Francisco Visionary movement of that time.

For several years I taught weekly groups presenting ‘Art as a metaphor for Medicine,’ primarily in educational and therapeutic  institutions.

I continue to lead workshops and retreats in Expressive Arts, and maintain a studio in northern California, USA.

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