THE SILENCE





                                                                                                                OF BREAD AND SALT

                                                                                                                                            India Ink



                                                                                                                            WHITE LOTUS

                                                                                    Watercolor with digital enhancement










                                                                        KC AND THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA

                                                                                                                                                India Ink



                                                                                                                                EARTH CRYSTAL



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In Sanskrit mandala, is translated as a ‘circle.’

Buddhist practitioners view the mandala as rooted in the order of the universe as a map of consciousness. It is regarded as a symbol for the wholeness of being: birth, life, death, rebirth.

In Tibet through ritual, meditation and visualization, the mandala is perceived as an entrance, a symbolic, universal construct , for receiving esoteric teachings.

Carl Jung who reintroduced the mandala to the western world, observed the mandala to be a natural phenomena occurring in the dreams of his patients.  He applied the technique of - drawing mandalas combined with analysis.

And concluded it benefitted their healing process.

Another example of mandala symbology exemplified as wholeness is the

hologram.    A hologram presents as a three dimensional image, made by light beams emitted from a laser.   Every part of a hologram contains the whole view of the entire holographic image. If you were to take a fragment of the hologram it will contain the whole view.