Rose for Dindi





                                   The Mystic Rose ... that only grows for those who love

                                 Watercolor, India ink




                                    Of Bread and Salt

                                  India Ink


                                     White Water Lily






                                    KC and the Mediterranean Sea

                                    India Ink


                                    Earth Crystal



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The Symbolic power of the sphere

Mandala, in Sanskrit, a ‘circle,’ is a timeless art. As a map of consciousness, it is rooted in the order of the universe,… the sun, the moon, the stars, the solar system. The mandala is based upon the principal of the sphere as a symbol for the wholeness of being.

In Tibet  a high level of development has been reached using the mandala in conjunction with medication and visualization practices. Through ceremony, ritual and meditation, the Buddhist practitioner visualizes the mandala as an entrance to another plane of existence transmitting esoteric teachings from concept to understanding, and becoming a part of a universal structure.

Carl Jung who reintroduced the mandala to the western world, found the mandala to be a natural phenomena occurring in dreams.  He used the technique of drawing mandalas to be of benefit for  his patients in their self- healing process.  Jung understood mandala symbolism as part of nature’s self-healing magic. To be a part of the mandala was to become a piece of the ‘wholeness’ of the sphere, to merge the self within the larger space.

This is exemplified by the hologram. Within a hologram a three dimensional image is made by light beams emitted from a laser. If you were to take - a piece - of the hologram into your hand, that piece would reflect the entirety of the original hologram, i.e., any one part or piece of the hologram contains the complete original hologram.